The Hungry Earth (Part I)
Series 5 Episode 8
In 2020, the most ambitious drilling project in history has reached deeper beneath the Earth's crust than man has ever gone before - but now the ground itself is fighting back. The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in a tiny mining village and find themselves plunged into a battle against a deadly danger from a bygone age.
  • Part one of a two-part story.
  • This episode marks the return of the Silurians, who were last seen in the 1984 Fifth Doctor serial, 'Warriors of the Deep'.
  • Robert Pugh, who plays Tony, has previously appeared as the adult Jonah in Torchwood's Series 2 episode, Adrift, which was also written by Chris Chibnall.
Memorable Quotes
  • The Doctor: Behold... Rio!
    Amy: Nu-uh.
    Rory: Not really getting the sunshine carnival vibe...
  • Amy: Doctor, it's freezing, and I've dressed for Rio! We are not stopping here.
  • Amy: It's a graveyard. You promised me a beach!
  • The Doctor: Humans, you're so nostalgic.
  • Amy: We're still together in ten years.
    Rory: No need to sound so surprised!
    Amy: Hey, let's go and talk to them! We can say hi to Future Us, how cool is that!?
    The Doctor: No, best not. Really best not. These things get complicated very quickly.
  • The Doctor: Oh, I love a big mining thing. See, way better than Rio. Rio doesn't have a big mining thing.
  • Amy: That is breaking and enterting!
    The Doctor: What did I break? Sonicing and entering, totally different.
  • Amy: Oh, please! Have you always been this disgusting?
    The Doctor: No, that's recent.
  • The Doctor: Hello!
    Nasreen: Who are you? What are you doing here? And what are you wearing?
    Amy: I dressed for Rio!
  • The Doctor: You all need to get out of here very fast.
  • Amy: Don't let go!
    The Doctor: Never.
  • The Doctor: Amy, concentrate. Don't you give up!
    Amy: Tell Rory...
    The Doctor: No. Amy!
  • Elliot: The graves eat people. Devour them whole, leaving no trace.
    Rory: Not sure about that.
  • Tony: You're not making any sense, man!
    The Doctor: Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense. You're just not keeping up.
  • The Doctor: I'll find Amy. I'll keep you all safe. I promise.
  • The Doctor: I need you alongside me.
  • Nasreen: Look, Ambrose, we saw the Doctor's friend get taken, ok? You saw the lightning in the sky. I have seen the impossible today, and the only person who's made any sense of it, for me, is the Doctor.
    Ambrose: Him!?
    The Doctor: Me!
  • Elliot: I can't do the words. I'm dyslexic.
    The Doctor: Oh, that's all right. I can't make a decent meringue.
  • Elliot: Have you met monsters before?
    The Doctor: Yeah.
    Elliot: You scared of them?
    The Doctor: No. They're scared of me.
  • Rory: Can't you sonic it?
    The Doctor: It doesn't do wood!
    Rory: That is... rubbish.
    The Doctor: Oi! Don't diss the sonic!
  • The Doctor: Cold blood. I know who they are...
  • Amy: I know you're out there! My name is Amy Pond, and you better get me the hell out of here or so help me I am going to kick your backside!
  • Amy: Did you just shush me!?
  • Alaya: I am the last of my species.
    The Doctor: Really? No. "Last of the species", the Klempari Defence. As an interrogation defence, it's a bit old hat I'm afraid.
    Alaya: I'm the last of my species.
    The Doctor: No. You're really not. Because I'm the last of my species, and I know how it sits in a heart. So don't insult me.
  • The Doctor: Humans won't give up the planet.
    Alaya: So we destroy them.
    The Doctor: You underestimate them.
    Alaya: You underestimate us!
  • The Doctor: It'll be dangerous.
    Nasreen: Oh, so's crossing the road.
  • Alaya: One of you will kill me. My death shall ignite a war, and every stinking ape shall be wiped from the surface of my beloved planet!
    Tony: We won't allow that to happen.
    Alaya: I know apes better than you know yourselves! I know which one of you will kill me. Do you?
  • Nasreen: It's like this is everyday to you!
    The Doctor: Not everyday. Every other day.
  • Mo: Don't struggle! Close your eyes and don't struggle!
    Amy: What!? Where am I? Why can't I move my body?
    Mo: 'Decontamination' they call it. They did it to me. While I was conscious.
    Amy: Ok, you're freaking me out now. Did what? Who did?
    Mo: Dissected me.
  • The Doctor: We're looking for a small tribal settlement, probably housing around a dozen homo reptilia. Maybe less.
    Nasreen: One small tribe...
    The Doctor: Yeah.
    Nasreen: Maybe a... dozen?
    The Doctor: Ah. Maybe more than a dozen. Maybe more like an entire civilisation living beneath the Earth...
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