Day of the Moon (Part II)
Series 6 Episode 2
The Doctor is locked in the perfect prison while Amy, Rory and River Song are being hunted down across America by the FBI. With the help of new friend and FBI-insider Canton, they are reunited to share their discoveries, if not their memories. The world is occupied by an alien force that controls humanity through post-hypnotic suggestion, and no one can be trusted.
  • Part two of a two part story.
  • Filming for this episode took place in Utah, marking the first time that principal photography for the series had taken place in the US.
Memorable Quotes
  • Amy: Is that a body bag?
    Canton: Yes it is.
    Amy: It's empty.
    Canton: How about that.
  • Canton: You're coming with us, Dr Song. There's no way out this time.
    River: There's always a way out.
  • The Doctor: You're building me the perfect prison. And it still won't be enough.
  • Rory: What are you waiting for?
    Canton: I'm waiting for you to run. It'll look better if I shot you while you were running. Then again, looks aren't everything.
  • Rory: (About the body bags) These things could really do with air holes!
    Canton: Never had a complaint before.
  • Canton: What about Dr Song? She dove off a rooftop!
    The Doctor: Don't worry. She does that.
  • River: Apollo 11's your secret weapon?
    The Doctor: No, no, it's not Apollo 11. That would be silly. It's Neil Armstrong's foot...
  • Mr Gardner: How the hell did you get into the command module?
    The Doctor: I told you! I'm on a top secret mission for the President.
    Mr Gardner: Well, maybe if you just get President Nixton to assure us of that, sir, that would be swell.
    The Doctor: I sent him a message.
  • Eyepatch Lady: No, I think she's just dreaming.
  • The Silence: We have no need of weapons.
    Canton: Yeah? Welcome to America.
  • Rory: Amy, can you hear me? We're coming for you. Wherever you are, we're coming, I swear.
    The Doctor: She can't hear you. I'm so sorry. It's one way.
    Rory: She can always hear me, Doctor. Always, wherever she is. And she always knows that I am coming for her, do you understand me? Always.
    Amy's voice: "Doctor, are you out there? Can you hear me? Doctor? Oh, God. Please, please, Doctor, just get me out of this..."
    Rory: He's coming. I'll bring him, I swear.
  • Amy's voice: "I love you. I know you think it's him. I know you think it ought to be him. But it's not, it's you. And when I see you again, I'm going to tell you properly, just to see your stupid face. My life was so boring before you just dropped out of the sky. So just get your stupid face where I can see it, ok?"
  • The Doctor: Do you ever remember it? 2000 years, waiting for Amy? The Last Centurion?
    Rory: No.
    The Doctor: Are you lying?
    Rory: Course I'm lying.
    The Doctor: Course you are. Not the sort of thing anyone forgets.
  • The Silence: You are Amelia Pond.
    Amy: You're ugly, has anyone mentioned that to you?
    The Silence: We do you honour. You will bring the Silence. But your part will soon be over.
    Amy: Whatever that means! You've made a big mistake bringing me here, because wait till you see what's coming for you now.
  • The Doctor: Look at me, I'm confident. You want to watch that, me, when I'm confident. Oh, and this is my friend, River. Nice hair, clever, has own gun, and unlike me, she really doesn't mind shooting people. I shouldn't like that. Kind of do a bit.
    River: Thank you, sweetie.
    The Doctor: I know you're all team players and everything, but she'll definitely kill at least the first three of you.
    River: Oh, the first seven, easily.
    The Doctor: Seven? Really?
    River: Oh, eight for you, honey.
    The Doctor: Stop it!
    River: Make me.
    The Doctor: Yeah, well maybe I will.
    Amy: Is this really important, flirting? Because I feel like I should be higher on the list right now!
  • The Doctor: People have suffered and died, but what's the point in two hearts if you can't be a bit forgiving now and then?
  • The Doctor: I'm not really going to let you go that easily. Nice thought, but it's not Christmas.
  • Rory: We are not leaving without you!
    Amy: Will you just get your stupid face out of here!?
  • River: What are you doing!?
    The Doctor: Helping!
    River: You've got a screwdriver. Go build a cabinet!
    The Doctor: That's really rude!
  • River: My old fella didn't see that, did he? He gets ever so cross.
    Rory: So, what kind of doctor are you?
    River: Archeology. Love a tomb.
  • The Doctor: You can let me fly it!
    River: Or we can go where we're supposed to...
  • Rory: I wasn't sure who you were talking about. You know, me, or...
    Amy: Him!?
    Rory: Well you did say, "Dropped out of the sky".
    Amy: It's a figure of speech, moron!
  • President Nixon: So, we're safe again?
    The Doctor: Safe!? No, of course you're not safe! There's about a billion other things out there, just waiting to burn your whole world. But if you want to pretend you're safe, just so you can sleep at night, ok, you're safe. But you're not really.
  • President Nixon: Dare I ask, will I be remembered?
    The Doctor: Oh, Dickie. Tricky Dicky. They're never going to forget you.
  • President Nixon: I think the moon is far enough for now, don't you, Mr Delaware?
  • The Doctor: You could come with us.
    River: I escape often enough, thank you. And I have a promise to live up to. You'll understand, soon enough.
  • The Doctor: You know what they say, there's a first time for everything.
    River: And a last time.
  • The Doctor: You told me you were pregnant.
    Amy: Yes.
    The Doctor: Why?
    Amy: Because I was! I mean, I thought I was. Turns out I wasn't.
    The Doctor: No. Why did you tell me?
    Amy: You're my friend. You're my best friend.
  • Amy: I travelled with you in this TARDIS for so long. All that time. If I was pregnant for some of it, wouldn't it have had an effect? I don't want to tell Rory his baby might have three heads, or like a time head or something.
    The Doctor: What's a time head?
    Amy: I don't know, but what if it had one?
  • Rory: You should've told me that you thought you were pregnant. I'm a nurse. I'm good with pregnancy.
    Amy: Not, as it turns out, that good...
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