Space and Time
2011 Comic Relief Special
In a special Comic Relief episode, the TARDIS materialises inside itself and the time travelling trio come face to face with the unimaginable... another Amy Pond!
  • A special mini-adventure written especially for Comic Relief, which aired in two parts ('Space' and 'Time') during Red Nose Day on Friday 18th March 2011.
  • At the end of the episode, the title for the next episode is confirmed on screen as 'The Impossible Astronaut', however it had been revealed a few days earlier.
Memorable Quotes
  • Amy: (To the Doctor) Listen, can we talk?
    The Doctor: Rory!
  • Amy: (About Rory) Is he helping you fly the TARDIS!?
  • Amy: How come he gets a go? You never let me have go!
    Rory: Doctor, don't. Seriously. I let her drive my car once.
    Amy: Yeah, to the end of the road!
    Rory: Where, according to Amy, there was an 'unexpected house'...
  • Amy: It was my fault.
    The Doctor: Of course it wasn't your fault.
    Rory: It kind of was her fault...
    The Doctor: How could it be her fault!?
    Amy: Because it was my skirt, and my husband... and your glass floor.
  • The Doctor: The TARDIS has materialised inside itself.
    Rory: Is that supposed to happen?
    The Doctor: Take a guess.
    Rory: No?
    The Doctor: That's the one.
  • Rory: That is actually pretty cool!
    The Doctor: Oh, I'm glad you're entertained, Rory, now that we're stuck here for all eternity. At least you won't be bored!
  • The Doctor: Nothing can enter or leave this ship ever again.
    Second Amy: (Walks in) Ok, kids. This is where it gets complicated.
  • Amy: Who the hell are you?
    Second Amy: I'm you, from your future.
  • Second Amy: The exterior shell of the TARDIS has drifted forwards in time. If you step into the box now, you step inside the control room a tiny bit into the past.
    Amy: I don't understand.
    Second Amy: Neither do I.
  • Second Amy: I'm just remembering what I heard myself saying when I was standing where you are now and repeating it. I'm just repeating this too. And this. And this...
    Amy: I still don't understand.
    Second Amy: You still don't!
  • Amy: Do I really look like that?
  • The Doctor: This is how it all ends. Pond flirting with herself. True love at last. Oh, sorry Rory.
    Rory: Absolutely no problem at all...
  • The Doctor: Pond, put some trousers on.