The Adventure Games
City of the Daleks
Adventure Games Episode 1
When the TARDIS materializes in London in 1963, the Doctor and Amy are shocked to discover that the human race has been crushed by the Daleks. The Doctor embarks on a quest to their home planet of Skaro to correct time and save the last survivor of humanity, Amy Pond.
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  • Good graphics and a good fun game. Took 2 days to finish the episode. Bring on the next one!
    - Steven
  • I think the game should be console based instead of a computer game.
    - Steve
  • I love it so far.
    - Lewis
  • City of the Daleks was incredible.
    - Lee
  • I loved City of the Daleks.
    - Via_the_Void
  • It was very good, but my computer didn't like it, and the picture was extra slow but not the dialogue and sound.
    - Dani
  • Not very happy that the games aren't being made available for free internationally, especially with all the advance publicity saying it would be.
    - Alex
  • The voiceovers were great and I congratulate Matt and Karen for their work on this, as I do the writer of the storyline to this game.
    - JC
  • It's difficult enough to make you happy once you've completed it - but it's not so difficult that it'll take hours to do.
    - Simon Ward