Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen loved peforming from a very early age, and took up dance lessons when she was 5. As she got older, however, she began to develop an even stronger desire for acting, and after graduating from grammar school, she attended a drama school for two years.

In 1973, after the news of Katy Manning's departure from Doctor Who as the Third Doctor's companion, Elisabeth decided to take a chance and decided to audition for her replacement. She was offered the role of journalist Sarah Jane Smith and immediately accepted. She appeared in the series for three and a half years, gaining praise from both critics and fans alike.

In 2006, she returned to Doctor Who for one episode, School Reunion, with her comeback convicing executive producer Russell T Davies to create spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures, with Elisabeth as the protagonist. It began on CBBC in 2007.

She returned to Doctor Who once again in Series 4, and briefly appeared in The End of Time, Part Two.

Following a battle with cancer, Elisabeth passed away on 19th April 2011, aged 63. She will be forever remembered by fans young and old.