Freema Agyeman

Freema Agyeman graduated from Performing Arts and Drama at Middlesex University in 2000 and soon after landed her first major role as Lola Wise in Crossroads. She has also appeared in dramas such as The Bill and Casualty, but is now best known for her role as Martha Jones in Doctor Who, who was introduced in the show's third series.

Having previously appeared in Series 2 as Adeola, the producers were so impressed by her talent and attitude on set that they invited her to a fake audition for a guest role in spin off Torchwood. Unbeknownst to her, it was actually an audition for the role of the Doctor's new companion.

She left the role at the end of Series 3, but the character was later seen in the Series 2 of Torchwood. She also returned for a few episodes in Series 4 of Doctor Who, and made a brief cameo in The End of Time, Part Two.

Since leaving Doctor Who, Freema has also appeared in the BBC dramas Little Dorrit and Survivors, as well as Law & Order: UK on ITV1.