Clara Oswald
"I was born to save the Doctor."

Confident, sassy and definitely not a control freak, the Doctor first met Clara under the guise of 'Oswin Oswald' in Asylum of the Daleks. Their relationship was short lived, however, as it was soon revealed that she had been transformed into a Dalek.

Much to the Time Lord's surprise, it wasn't long before their paths crossed again - this time in Victorian London where she was working as a nanny called Clara (The Showmen). Unfortunately, aiding the Doctor in his festive fight against the Great Intelligence led to her - second - untimely death, which marked the start of the Doctor's personal mission to learn the truth behind 'the impossible girl'.

He tracked her down - or rather, she tracked him - on present day Earth where she stepped aboard the TARDIS for adventures anew (The Bells of Saint John). With no knowledge of their previous encounters, it was eventually revealed that she sacrified herself by jumping into the Doctor's time stream on Trenzalore. This heroic act subsequently created multiple versions of her personna who were each born with the purpose of saving the Doctor at various points of dangerous throughout his life.

With the mystery of the impossible girl seemingly solved, Clara now faces another challenge as she must learn to get to grip with a brand new Doctor...

Why you love Clara...

"She is sassy, stands up for what she believes in and has the best fashion sense!"

"She is the saviour of the most important man in the universe." @julietthewhovian

"I love Clara because her character has grown so much and become so confidently independent." @MandalynIrene

"She is so feisty and she would jump into the Doctor's own time stream to save him." @WhovianGirl2

"She's cute, clever, a friend, a saviour, a warrior, and because the Doctor needs her as much as she needs him."

"She's not afraid to put the Doctor in his place!" @02_HD

"Even when scared and her life is in danger, she will do anything for those she loves." @ohakhaten

"I loved her bravery and cleverness against the Half-face Man." @samcaver123