The Doctor
"The Doctor is a legend, woven throughout history..."

The Doctor is a Time Lord, one of an ancient civilization who were destroyed in the last great Time War. He is over 900 years old and travels through time and space in his TARDIS, and is well-known throughout the stars for saving countless planets and species from danger. Through doing this, he has gained an expansive knowledge of the universe and its weird and wonderful ways.

Prior to the death of his people, the Doctor had a human mother and a Gallifreyan father. He has the ability to regenerate, a Time Lord trait which means that upon death he can completely change his cellular structure, giving himself a new face and body, and often a different personality, but retaining the few things that make him who he is. As a Time Lord, he is also gifted with acute hearing, super-strength, two hearts and a respiratory bypass system, meaning he can go for short periods of time without needing oxygen.

The 10th Doctor The Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant
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The 9th Doctor The Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston
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The 8th Doctor The Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann
Years active: 1996
Number of episodes: TV Movie
The 7th Doctor The Seventh Doctor, played by Sylvestor McCoy
Years active: 1987-1996
Number of episodes: 43
The 6th Doctor The Sixth Doctor, played by Colin Baker
Years active: 1984-1987
Number of episodes: 31
The 5th Doctor The Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison
Years active: 1981-1984
Number of episodes: 69
The 4th Doctor The Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker
Years active: 1974-1981
Number of episodes: 172
The 3rd Doctor The Third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee
Years active: 1970-1974
Number of episodes: 128
The 2nd Doctor The Second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton
Years active: 1966-1969
Number of episodes: 119
The 1st Doctor The First Doctor, played by William Hartnell
Years active: 1963-1966
Number of episodes: 134