The Eleventh Doctor
"Human beings... I thought I'd never get done saving you."

The Eleventh Doctor had no time to explore his new body, as the TARDIS had been destroyed during his regeneration, which had been more violent than most. It subsequently crash-landed in the small English village of Leadworth, specifically in the back garden of Amy Pond, in 1996.

Twelve years later, Amy stepped aboard the TARDIS to accompany the new Doctor on his travels through time and space, and together they have encountered Daleks, Weeping Angels and Silurians alike.

Psychically younger than most of his predecessors, the Eleventh Doctor's youthful spirit means he is full of boundless energy. Although he isn't as aggressive as some of the incarnations before him, he can be considerably brash, with his anger suddenly erupting from nowhere.

With his long, dark hair, he initially assumed he had regenerated into a female, and his outfit consists of a tweed jacket and bow tie (and later a Fez!), which, in his eyes, makes him cool. Whatever you say, Doctor!