Jackie Tyler
"You tell me, just answer me this. Is my daughter safe?"

Jackie Tyler is Rose's loud and affectionate mother, who was living with her daughter in a council flat on the Powell Estate in London when the Doctor first entered their lives. Always game for a laugh and never one to hold back on her true emotions, flirtatious Jackie's first ever meeting with the Time Lord saw her attempting to seduce him in her pink dressing gown. Much to her disappointment, however, her efforts were less than successful.

Following the sudden death of her husband, Pete, in a car accident in 1987, Jackie was left to bring up Rose all alone, earning a living as a hairdresser. While she always wanted to set up a better life for Rose, she was initially left heartbroken when her only child decided to leave Earth to travel in the TARDIS. She eventually came to terms with her daughter's new lifestyle, and, while she didn't always see see eye to eye with the Doctor, she vowed to protect both of them for as long as she lived, as she realised how important it was to Rose.

During the Battle of Canary Wharf, Jackie was reunited with a parallel version of Pete, who had become rich and successful on his alternative universe, something he had always worked towards but never managed to achieve prior to his death on our world. When the Doctor closed the Breach, Jackie, Pete, Mickey and Rose were left to start a new life together, however Jackie later made a temporary but triumphant return through the Void - going against Rose's instructions - to join in with the battle against Davros and the Daleks.