Rose Tyler
"We'll go down fighting, yeah?"

The first time we see Rose, she is 19 years old, working as a shop assistant, and living in a council flat on the Powell Estate in London with her mother, Jackie, who was left to raise her as a single parent when her father, Pete, died when Rose was just six months old.

Always dreaming of a more fulfilling life, Rose's wishes came true when, on an seemingly ordinary day at work, the Doctor saved her from living plastic manicans known as the Autons. After she helped him to defeat the Nestene Conciousness, he offered her a trip in the TARDIS, which she initially declined, however the Doctor's revelation that the police box was also capable of travelling in time was enough to swing her decision around.

Rose adapted to her new life as a time traveller fairly quickly, growing extremely fond of the Doctor, and she was left shocked and distraught when he suddenly regenerated before her eyes. Soon, she began to love the new, younger and cheekier Doctor even more than his predecessor, and, as they continued to travel through time and space, enjoying each other's company, saving each other's lives, they never admitted their feelings for one another - no matter how evident they became.

They were tragically separated forever whilst they were sending the Daleks and the Cybermen back into the Void during the Battle of Canary Wharf. When one of the levers malfunctioned, Rose bravely let go of her magna-clamp to put it back upright, however the Doctor was forced to watch in horror as she was pulled towards the Breach, to be saved, at the very last moment, by her parallel father. Rose managed to cast one last glance over her shoulder at the man she loved before being transported indefinitely to the alternative universe.

Months later, Rose had a dream in which the Doctor beckoned her to Bad Wolf Bay in Norway to say one last goodbye. By burning up a sun, he had managed to send a projection of himself to the beach, and, as their time ran out, Rose tearfully admitted that she loved him. Just as he was about to reply, the last remaining gap between his world and hers closed.

It wasn't long before Rose and her Torchwood team began developing a new way of getting her back to her own world. They eventually did this using a dimension cannon, which Rose used to return to Donna's parallel world, where she discovered that the Doctor had died. Working closely with UNIT to put things back to normal, she managed to set time back on its right course, instructing Donna to give the Doctor two words: Bad Wolf. Shortly after her arrival in our universe, Rose teleports herself to where the TARDIS has landed, and as she and the Doctor rushed together for a long overdue reunion, she was left heartbroken when he was suddenly shot down by a Dalek.

After the universe has been saved from Davros and the Daleks and the Earth returned to its right place, the Doctor takes Rose and Jackie back to the parallel world, explaining that she must stay to help his half-human self, who, having been born in battle, was full of anger and revenge. The other Doctor offers to spend the rest of his life with her, and she passionately kisses him when he whispers in her ear the three words she has waited so long to hear. She stands back and watches the TARDIS dematerialize, with a whole new life alongside her own Doctor ahead of her.