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Series 4
Music composed by Murray Gold | Released 17/11/08 | Running time: 76'27"

Soundtrack artwork Track listings:
  1. Doctor Who Opening Credits
  2. A Noble Girl About the Town
  3. Life Among the Distant Stars
  4. Corridors and Fire Escape
  5. The Sybilline Sisterhood
  6. Songs of Captivity and Freedom
  7. UNIT Rocks
  8. The Doctor's Daughter
  9. The Source
  10. The Unicorn and the Wasp
  11. The Doctor's Theme Series 4
  12. Voyage of the Damned Suite
  13. The Girl with No Name
  14. The Song of Song
  15. All in the Mind
  16. Silence in the Library
  17. The Greatest Story Never Told
  18. Midnight
  19. Turn Left
  20. A Dazzling End
  21. The Rueful Fate of Donna Noble
  22. Davros
  23. The Dark and Endless Dalek Night
  24. A Pressing Need to Save the World
  25. Hanging on the Tablaphone
  26. Song of Freedom
  27. Doctor Who Closing Credits

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